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Paytm Integration With Gravity Form

Paytm Integration With Gravity Form

This is how to integration Paytm with Gravity Form Plugin to pay with form submission also restrict users if already paid for a service / registration.


The Paytm Payment system provides a secure, simple means of authorizing credit and debit card transactions from your website.

The Sage Pay system provides a straightforward payment interface for the customer, and takes complete responsibility for the online transaction, including the collection and encrypted storage of credit and debit card details, eliminating the security implications of holding such sensitive information on your own servers.

So this helps you to accept payments with Gravity Forms using PAccounts.

== Installation ==

1. Copy plugins into your plugin directory at `/wp-content/plugins/`.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Administration.

== Configuration ==
1. Login to the admin panel. Browse through till Downloads->Settings->Payment Gateways tab.
2. Scroll down to “Login and Pay with Paytm Settings”
3. Fill in the necessary details for Merchant Id, Merchant Key, Select Mode, Website Name and Industry Type.
4. Save the data.

Paste this snippet to your functions.php file under child theme and change according to your need.